Entrust us with the management of your housing

We suggest you to manage your apartment, you will enjoy all the advantages without the inconvenience entails.

Thanks Wellhom, you will improve the quality of your flat while increasing your income.

We have 3 offers: Well Light, Well One, Well Ultim.

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Investing in Budapest

You want to invest in real estate in Budapest? Our teams will advice you and accompany you all along the process, from the real property's researches, going through refurbishment till putting it up for rentals.

Our expertise will allow you to invest with serenity and reach maximial profitability.

Take the plunge and join us!

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About us

Two French involving into the real estate market since 2012

In 2014, becoming aware of the Hungarian real estate potential, we invested in one apartment to do short term renting. Very soon, it became profitable (rate of return of 20%) and its worths was multiplied by two. Hence, we bought a second apartment then a third one.

In 2018, we have created Wellhom. Today, we are 9 in the company and we assisted 10 investers for around 20 apartments.

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