Each investment is different and must be determine before to launch the project, Wellhom help you to define your business plan considering all dimension.

We will share our experience depending of the type of investment that you wish to do. Budapest remain one of the cheapest capital in Europe where to invest. 

Budapest offering a huge various building and place where you will be able to deploy different type of investment.

We had been involve into all the field, tourism rent, building project, luxury property and student appartement.

Budapest one of the most visited city  in Europe. 

Tourist rent through Airbnb – Booking …   

Yield up to 7%   

Buy & build the property of your dream    

To live or rent into a premium property

 Invest to build a capital

Target the Elite

Budapest along the biggest student pole in Europe

Short term rent

Erasmus program

Yield up to 5%

Target 2 digit profitability  

Optimize your Return on Investment

Build an ambitious project

Yield targeted up to 15%


Our service & expertise to bring you a full support into your investment in Budapest.

We will guide you to find the property that you are looking for by considering all the dimension involve into a real estate investment.

Invest in real estate is always looking the same once you repeat it and anticipate all the further problem. 

Wellhom will provide you a tail services to increase the reliability of your project.

Seach & Find

Our team find the best priced and located flats

Administrative & Legal team

We manage all paperwork and official document in order to record your property following the rules


Need a mortgage to buy your property we can help to build your financing plan


With our local team we are able to renovate a flat following each step to match with your expectation

Design & Furnish

The latest trends & highest quality

Property management

Following our formula we are managing your property without any action from your side


We are preparing your accounting and making sure to follow the local legislation

Financing your project in Budapest

Foreigner, not receiving your revenue in Hungary, difficulty to finance by your own your real estate project?

Thanks to our bank partner we can finance up to 50% your investment, this solution can work for any expatriate or none Hungarian citizen.

So don't wait more if you wish have more question feel free to contact us !